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Back on the Road Again?! Embarking Upon Yet Another Entrepreneurial Adventure.

Posted in Personal Journey by Robert Lindsay Thompson on May 1, 2011

Taking off again... embarking on yet another Entrepreneurial Adventure

I thought I had had enough! 30 plus years of doing entrepreneurial stuff was plenty. I had planned to help others realize their entrepreneurial vision. Teach, write, coach… but never start another business. Not that being an entrepreneur has been a bad life. On the contrary, it has been an extraordinary journey. It’s just that I didn’t want to do it anymore. Anyway, be that as it may, here I go again.

However, I really want to do things differently this time around. I want to incorporate better boundaries with time and money. I’ve always been an “all or nothing” kind of guy. I’ve never done anything half-hearted or moderately. It’s been “balls to the wall”. Jump into the deep end- I’ll learn to swim on the way down). Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.

So my (new) boundaries: Few or NO employees. Minimal $$ out-of-pocket. Keep things small, at least until I can start bringing in money. Keep a work – life balance. Allow time for people, relaxation as well as other interests. Sounds reasonable. I’m just finding it damn hard. I’m almost always pre-occupied with my new business. When I’m not working directly on my business, I’m thinking about my business, talking about my business, writing about my business. “It’s a small world after all.”

Another phenomenon I’ve noticed: Before I began this venture, I had plenty of other things to do, was never bored, felt relatively comfortable with myself, had a full life. Now, when I’m not working on work, I often feel restless, empty, anxious.

Another previous habit I’m trying to change, is the propensity to “super-size” a new venture. It’s always been about vision, mission, calling… changing the world. I’ve never attempted to create a relatively small, easy to do, money making business. It’s gotta be big. The bigger the better; The largest motion-picture studio in Hollywood. Revolutionary software for International Trade.

Like Icarus, I’ve reached high… almost touched the face of the sun… had my wings melt… and came crashing to the ground. Ouch! Yet, it’s hard to be convinced that a person shouldn’t fly when they have, occasionally pulled off the impossible. Most artists, prophets, inventors, entrepreneurs have dared to do things others thought ill advised and foolhardy.

Well, this time around, I’m going to do things differently. I am seeking to “right size” myself, right size my new venture. Keep both feet on the ground. Maintain work-life balance. Incorporate healthy boundaries. Not expand too fast. Take it slow and easy. Enjoy the journey. Stay in the process.

Then again, maybe it’s unrealistic to think, that after a life lived in the extremes, I can suddenly become sensible. Maybe a compromise is called for. Somewhere between crazy and sane. Not like Icarus. Not like a lap dog. Still maintain my specialness and uniqueness. Hmmm, what shall I be in this incarnation?


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