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Using your “identity compass” to find your own “true north” in business.

Posted in E Essentials by Robert Lindsay Thompson on January 15, 2011

So you want to be an entrepreneur? Well, the first thing, other then learning how to spell the freakin’ word correctly, which takes some rehearsal, is figure out where you’re at and where you wanna go. This may seem obvious to some, but really, it us usually overlooked. Imagine you wake up in the middle of an unfamiliar wilderness. First thing you’d do is take stock of your resources (see post, “personal inventory”). The very next thing you’d need to do is figure out where you are… and where you wanna go. Helpful tools at this point are a map and a compass.

Utilizing visible reference points, you need to establish your current location. Not where you wish you were… or even where you desperately need to be. Your current location is not where you will ultimately be – given motivation, persistence and some help along the way. But it is the place you begin. You cannot begin your entrepreneurial journey, from any other place than from the place you actually ARE. IF you had money, IF you had a partner, IF you had certain skills, IF things were neatly arranged differently in your life… THEN you would be in a better place to begin. However, IF you wait for such thing, THEN, most likely, you will never begin. As the proverb says, “a journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step”.

What’s are the best first steps to take? Where is the best initial destination to head to? At this point (after establishing your initial location – metaphorically speaking) you are best served by paying close attention to your compass. The terrain may be too mountainous, the ultimate destination too obscure, the path ahead too undefined to get a ready fix on a clearly seen objective with sure, straight route to it. NO, wilderness trekking is rarely quite that easy. The unbeaten path of each individuals unique entrepreneurial adventure, is after-all, unbeaten.

No, you must set your compass to your own “true north” and follow it to the best of your ability, with all your heart; tenaciously, defiantly, sometimes insanely. No half measures will do. Be warned, the route is circuitous and thorny. The entrepreneurial journey is, before everything else, a journey of the heart. Your “true north” is anchored in your “essential” identity. Who you are intrinsically. What makes you tick. What you aspire to be and do and why. It is your “spiritual” core, your truest self. Your internal guru or sensei. Your best guess, an intuition of the most right way, your “gut” feeling. Learn to trust it. Learn to depend upon it. Try not to betray it.

Other peoples “magnetic” personality will sometimes cause your own compass to flutter. Particularly when you face tough decisions and you feel insecure. Of course, getting feedback and (small doses of) advise is wise. Ultimately, you must refer back to your own “identity” compass, though your path may diverge from theirs. Be true to your compass. Be faithful to your own unique path. Trust yourself to the process. This is the very best way to begin.


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