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How to Get from Point “A” to Point “B” while at the Same Time Maintain a Happy Work – Life Balance.

Posted in Personal Journey by Robert Lindsay Thompson on May 7, 2011

The process is more important than the result

As I’ve stated previously; life, relationships and entrepreneurialism progress circuitously. If we hold on to our objectives too rigidly, we are likely to be dashed to the ground when confronted by the storms of life and the dynamics of the marketplace.

Notwithstanding, we need to set our sail toward a definite, if evolving destination… utilizing compass, navigational maps and other tools at our disposal to chart our way across an uncertain sea. Progress depends upon vision, skill and hard work… as well as Luck or Kismet, according to your predilection.

So, I’ve launched yet another venture. I’m excited, inspired and hopeful. I’m burdened, dubious and insecure. I step forward into an uncertain future. There are no guarantees. I cannot stake my hope upon a particular result. If I do, I am likely to be greatly disappointed.

I do believe in “the process”. I believe that the investment of my time and energy will lead me along a path that will evolve my vision, cultivate my skills and pay dividends professionally. In the end, if the results don’t match up with my hopes, some compensatory blessings will be bestowed upon me… if I am willing to be open to them and receive them with gratitude.

It is always a challenge to maintain a happy work- life balance

However, trying to integrate this new venture, and the time and energy it requires, into my life is a challenge. It has temporarily upset a fairly happy equilibrium that has been hard won. I’m in a transitional period. Currently my work- life balance is off-kilter. This causes stress; within myself and in relationships.

I find the need to establish better boundaries. How many times I check my I-phone in a given day? Texting while I’m driving. Indulging in unrestrained mental preoccupation about my new business. I need to attend to the ongoing maintenance of life like errands and essential trivialities. Doing the laundry. Scheduling (and keeping) my dental or Acupuncture appointments. Taking time to write or call my kids or friends.

Maintaining boundaries and balance. Focusing on the process not the result. Taking time for myself, my loved ones as well as the simple pleasures of life. For me those include sunsets on the water, hikes through the trees, working crossword puzzles, going dancing, watching a favorite television series on Netflix, or doing nothing at all. Or doing nothing at all with someone in particular.

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